Who we are

A photo of the church building
Our church building

Hainault Evangelical Church is a non-denominational Christian church based in Hainault in the London Borough of Redbridge. Starting life in the 1950s as Manford Way Gospel Hall and situated near the border with Essex the church has been serving Jesus and the local community for almost seventy years.

Our relaxed and family-friendly Sunday services have inspiring Bible-based teaching and a mix of contemporary and traditional worship. It all starts at 10:30am. We share in communion every other week.

Families with young children/babioes are verey welcome and we don't expect you to leave the main room. That said, we have a baby/toddler play area with relayed sound if you want to use it.

We’d love it if you came to visit. Feel free to bring any questions you might have but if you’d prefer there is also a brief summary of what we believe further down this page, we also have some links to other churches in the local area.

Covid-19 restrictions

Updated July 2021: We are aware that some churches are beginning to open up after recent government relaxation of Covid rules. Whilst we are desperate to meet and worship together again, we are also inherently aware of the risk that singing and meeting together in an enclosed space introduces - even with vaccination program which we firmly support.

For that reason we will not be meeting together in our building until further notice. Like many in our country, members of our church have lost loved ones through this terrible virus and we continue to pray for all those affected by it.

What we believe

A photo of a sandwich labelled as a baquette
Labels can sometimes be misleading

Labels can be dangerous things and are very much relative to the person using them. For this reason we at HEC tend to describe ourselves as simply Christians but we are aware that term means different things to different people. With that in mind here are some brief outlines of what HEC is, believes and stands for.

If this isn’t what you are looking for have a look at one of the other churches in the area.

Other churches in the area

The Church is as diverse and multi-faceted as the world is it exists to serve. At HEC we are aware that the way we do things won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. If that’s you, or if you are just interested in such things here are some of the other churches in the Hainault & Chigwell area:-